Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education


iMath 1: K to 12 Curriculum Series Textbook & Workbook Bundle


This textbook follows the follows the format in accordance with the given competencies in the curriculum guide of the K to 12 program of the enhanced Basic Education Curriculum. This book is composed of 5 chapters – Numbers and Number Sense, Geometry, Patterns and Algebra, Measurements, and Statistics and Probability.

This book provides instructional activities that will elicit active involvement and

cooperation among the learners. The activities are intended to assist and guide the learners, apply and experience mathematical concepts and skills in daily life situations.

In this way, the learners will be able to develop different skills and processes such as:

1) Knowing and Understanding; 2) Estimating, Computing and Solving; 3) Visualizing and Modelling; 4) Representing and Communicating; 5) Conjecturing, Reasoning, Proving and Decision-making; and 6) Applying and Connecting.

This book is divided into two parts – the first part composed of the lessons to be discussed while the second part are the activities to be answered.

Anchor Charts are provided at the end part of the textbook.

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