Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education


Programming Using Web Technology


Programming Using Web Technology First Edition is a part of the iBook IT Courseware Series of books and is an introductory course that aims to lead students in gaining a Programming .Net Technology National Certificate Level III (NC III).

It covers six (6) Basic Competencies that a student ought to possess in the long run:

1) lead workplace communication;

2) lead small teams;

3) develop and practice negotiation skills;

4) solve problems related to work activities;

5) use mathematical concepts and techniques;

6) use relevant technologies.

It also covers the four (3) Core Competencies, namely;

1) perform programming in HTML5

2) perform programming with JavaScript, and;

3) perform programming in CSS3.

The book assumes students to have previous knowledge or experience in using basic computer operations and should also be familiar with basic Windows operations and basic web design concept skills.

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