Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education


Computer System Servicing


Computer Systems Servicing (CSS) 1st Edition is a part of the iBook IT Courseware Series of books and is an introductory course that aims to lead students in gaining a Computer Systems Servicing National Certificate Level II (NC II).

It covers seven (7) Common Competencies that a student ought to possess in the long run:

1) application of quality standards;

2) computer operations;

3) performing mensuration and calculation;

4) preparation and interpretation of technical drawing;

5) the use of hand tools;

6) terminating and connecting electrical wiring and electronics circuits; and

7) testing electronics components.

It also covers the four (4) Core Competencies, namely;

1) installing and configuring computer systems;

2) setting up computer networks;

3) setting up computer servers; and

4) maintaining and repairing computer systems and networks.

The book assumes students to have previous knowledge or experience in using basic computer operations and should also be familiar with basic Windows operations, productivity tools, and file management skills.


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